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Tooling Design & Moulding Fabrication

At Local Holdings, our commitment to excellence begins with our in-house tooling centre. Here, we harness cutting-edge technology and expertise to provide exceptional custom tooling design and moulding fabrication services. With these capabilities, we provide rapid and cost-effective mould fabrication without compromising on quality, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes for our valued customers.
Our process begins with Moldflow simulation, allowing us to ensure the right casting flow, temperature, solidification, and porosity for optimal results. This sets the foundation for our fabrication, which leverages advanced machinery such as Wire-cut machines, EDM machines, and high-speed 30,000 rpm CNC milling machines to enhance efficiency and precision.

Wire-Cut EDM

Equipped with a 0.18 mm wire electrode that creates a superheated electrical discharge between the electrode and metallic surface, our wire-cut machines are capable of thermally shearing through hardened steel with extreme precision, making them an invaluable tool in forming simple and complex shapes that are impossible to achieve using conventional cutting methods.

Conventional EDM

Similar to Wire-Cut EDM but with the wire electrode replaced with a custom-built tool electrode, Conventional EDM machines discharge superheated electrical pulses to thermally shear away material to form a negative impression in metals. Conventional EDM are more effective for working with thicker metals to produce high precision components required for advanced applications, including the automotive to aerospace industries.

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a fast and cost-effective fabrication technology that combines speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness for increased productivity. Fully computerised and guided by a 3D CAD blueprint, these machines cut metals using specially hardened cutting tools with significantly higher precision and speed compared to manual cutting processes.

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