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Product Assembly

Our product assembly services combine individual components into finished OEM products across various industries, including electronics, electrical, medical, automotive, and mechanical parts. Whether it's small-scale or large-scale production, we are committed to delivering exceptional assembly services that meet the unique requirements of our customers.
Our skilled team of assembly technicians meticulously follow assembly instructions and quality control measures to ensure the accuracy and integrity of each assembled product. With a focus on detail and efficiency, we streamline the assembly process to reduce production time and cost savings for our clients.
Complemented by high-precision measuring tools, our assembly lines employ varying levels of automation to achieve the right combination of flexibility, speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness - thus allowing us to excel in seamless low-mix to high-mix production of exceptional quality:

Automated Assembly Line

Integrating robotics, software, digitised data, and plant design engineering, the Automated Assembly Line offers the highest productivity, safety and efficiency while minimising labour requirements.

However, Automated Assembly Lines offer low flexibility due to the high initial cost and level of planning, which have to be completely restructured and equipped to accommodate even small changes. In other words, these highly specialised assembly lines cannot be adapted easily without significant investment.

Semi-Automatic Assembly Line

Semi-Automatic Assembly Lines combine semi-automated machinery designed to perform repetitive tasks while tasks such as loading, unloading, and quality control are taken up by workers for a compromise between flexibility and productivity.

Moderately specialised and relying on human operators for key operations, Semi-Automatic Assembly Lines offer wider flexibility to manufacturers to adapt their processes to different production needs - and this versatility makes Semi-Automatic Assembly Lines a sound investment that are good to have available.

Manual Assembly Lines

While Automated Assembly Lines and Semi-Automatic Assembly Lines offer increased productivity and safety, the high cost of setting up these systems is prohibitively expensive for low-volume tasks such as custom parts assemblies, sub-assemblies, thru-hole assemblies (electronics), and stand-offs & press-fit connectors.

In addition, Manual Assembly Lines are ideal for cleaning up automated assembly processes, including placement verification, touch-up, and working with prototypes with no set components and configurations.

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