Aluminium Die-Casting

As a leader in aluminium die-casting, Local Holdings combines expertise and advanced machinery to deliver high-volume precision components. Our well-equipped facility boasts over 30 advanced die-casting machines, each capable of producing intricate parts with meticulous precision.
At every stage of production, we employ highly-sensitive measurement tools to determine the purity of metals, including:

Spectrometry Analysis

where a minute amount of metal is vaporised using a small powerful electrical discharge and analysed via spectrometer.

K-Mold testing

that measures impurities by inspecting the fracture points under low magnification of metal samples that are melted, moulded into a flat preheated mould, rapidly cooled, fractured, and reassembled.

X-ray machines

that measure densities by emitting and detecting the intensity of high-powered x-rays that pass through a material - and technology that is sufficiently sensitive to detect microscopic flaws such as air pockets and surface porosity.
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