Plastic Injection Moulding

Our plastic injection moulding facility operates over 25 advanced machines, primarily servo machines from renowned manufacturers like Sumitomo, Toshiba, Nissei, and Kawaguchi.

Advanced Technologies

Our Sumitomo machines offer superior precision, and speed, with a number of these machines featuring an advanced Flow Front Control System that improves control over low internal pressures and Minimum Moulding Clamping System which prevents flash, burn spots, and shorts to improve productivity, shorter cycle times, and reduced mould wear.

Quality Control

Quality control starts with Multi-Sensor Smart Scope to measure the dimensions of the initial product with a 2-micron precision, as well as Push Pull Testing to measure tensile strength. When necessary, tests are carried out on a smooth granite platform to maximise accuracy and consistency.

Secondary Processing

We provide secondary processes to complete the plastic injection moulding process, including insert moulding, pad printing, and silkscreen printing. In line with our mission to deliver better services, our teams are ready to invest in new capabilities to fulfil customers' needs.
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