Surface Finishes

Our surface finishing services cater to a range of requirements, ensuring that product components meet the final specifications demanded by our customers. These services encompass a range of techniques and applications, including:

To support the anodizing and e-coating processes, we leverage big data applications, enabling us to control and optimise the process. This technology allows us to identify any process issues early on, ensuring consistent quality, precision, and adherence to specified requirements throughout the surface finishing stage.


We offer e-coating services for both aluminium and steel components, ensuring the desired thickness, reflectivity, image clarity, corrosion resistance, adhesion, and sealing properties are achieved.

Spray Painting

We provide spray painting services using either oil-based spray paint for enhanced durability or customer-selected paint options.


Our anodizing process allows for the permanent application of various colours and finish types, making it suitable for engineering, consumer, and automotive applications.

Laser Marking

With our laser marking capabilities, we can etch permanent print labels or geometric graphics with a remarkable 1-point font fidelity.
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